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Jane Davis Music Studio - Piano Lessons

Group Piano Lessons

Students and parents will be happy to know that piano lessons are really fun using our class method. Children are invited into small classes with their friends who have similar experience and are very close in age. Students of class piano have many advantages when compared to private instruction. Studies have shown that these students:

  • Come to class better prepared and therefore progress very quickly,
  • Develop excellent rhythm skills,
  • Are more motivated to practice outside of class,
  • Look forward to their lesson because it is challenging, competitive and entertaining,
  • Are comfortable playing in ensemble situations with other musicians.

Private Piano Lessons

  • Celebrate the stages of your musical development.
  • Wide variety of literature from classical to popular.
  • Recitals two times each year.
  • Participation in National Piano Guild Auditions.

Adult Piano Lessons

  • Choose either private lessons or group lessons.